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How To Build a Knowledge Map for your organization

The knowledge map represents a new approach to organizing and integrating information across all of the silo'ed systems in your organization.  This site will focus on how to build a knowledge map using low cost open source tools.

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What problems are we trying to solve?  How does a knowledge map fit into the overall enterprise data architecture?  How does this approach enhance and replace traditional data architecture metadata repositories and ITIL CMDB's.  Where do I start and how does it grow?  How to design the knowledge graph data model?  All this and more will be discussed in a series of articles.

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My name is John Singer and I've been working in the data architecture space for the past 36 years.  This website catalogs my current efforts related to building Knowledge Maps using Neo4j. I'm always looking for short term contract work:


NodeRunner is a fast and easy way to load data into the Neo4j database.  While Neo4j provides a load utility called loadcsv - NodeRunner does so much more!  

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