I'll be at the 2019 Data Architecture Forum / Graph Forum in Chicago

I’m delivering a half day tutorial on Property Graph Data Model Design for Neo4j. See the complete schedule here.

Data Modeling for Graph Databases

Entity Relationship modeling and relational databases have dominated the IT scene since the '80s, becoming the defacto standard approach for data persistence. The ubiquitousness of relational databases has waned with the advent of NoSQL and big data technologies. A new database technology – graph database – has emerged with a solid set of use cases based on mathematical graph theory and graph algorithms. This tutorial will define how property graph data models are constructed using the Neo4j database.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Graph data model overview

  • Translating requirements to property graph designs

  • Differences between traditional Entity Relationship modeling and property graphs

  • Best and Worst practices in property graph design

The attendees of this presentation will gain an appreciation for the differences in property graph design vs. relational and understand the opportunities this new data structure presents.