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Knowledge Maps - Meaning Versus Structure

In this piece we consider the future of "meaning" based data design versus what has historically been a structural approach.  The transition from structure to meaning will impact data management practices for decades to come.  To read more click here...

Knowledge Maps - A New Model For Metadata

The third article in my series on Knowledge Maps has been posted on Dataversity.   This article looks at the traditional relational database approach to metadata repositories and ITIL CMDB's, why they don't work, and how Knowledge Maps built on the property graph model as exemplified by Neo4j is the answer.  You can read it here...

Knowledge Maps – What is the Problem We are Trying to Solve?

Part 1 in the series on Knowledge Maps has been published on Dataversity.  This article explores the common information (lack of) awareness problem all organizations have and introduces the solution - Knowledge Maps.  Please read the full post at