ITIL / Meta data Presentations

The following is a list of my ITIL/Meta Data conference presentations and articles.


DAMA 2008 Presentation- American "ITIL" - Winning The Metadata Contest

This presentation describes the ITIL CMDB and how it is a subset of metadata management focusing on IT Operations.  Data Architects who work on meta data management would be well advised to partner with their IT Service Management team to build a unified Data/Ops metadata facility.

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American ITIL – Winning The Metadata Contest

November 2007 - TDAN - The Data Administration Newsletter


Understanding the ITIL CMDB Meta-Model

February 2008 - TDAN - The Data Administration Newsletter


ROI – Paying for the CMDB Metadata Knowledgebase

September 2008 - TDAN - The Data Administration Newsletter

Click the image to view the presentation

Click the image to view the presentation

DAMA 2007 - Do  You Need A Data Development Methodology?

Despite the increasing awareness of information at all levels of the organization, many  IRM groups struggle to find relevance or may become lost in decentralized/outsourced organizations.  You can increase the effectiveness of your IRM group by implementing a "Data Development Methodology" (DDM) to complement the existing Application Development Methodology.  By delineating a specific approach to building data assets, you gain a vehicle for selling the value proposition of the IRM group.

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Click the image to view the presentation

DAMA 2006 - Bridging The Gap - Adding Semantic Awareness to Today's Application Systems

An increasingly competitive and regulated global economy demands a level of business data semantics that may be unobtainable using today's technology stack. The W3C has proposed a radically new approach to information management based on the RDF and OWL standards. Can the nascent Semantic Web technologies solve these problems and how does today's IT practitioner bridge the gap from 20 century unit record processing to a truly semantically rich information processing world?


Meta Data Repository Redux, Part 1 – Meta Data Use Case Detail and Diversity

April 2004 - Information Management


Meta Data Repository Redux, Part 2: Crafting the Enterprise IT Knowledge MANAGEMENT STRATEGY

April 2004 - Information Management